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  • Solar Panels
    What are Thermotubes made of?
    Thermotube panels are made of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). This type of material is used for pool plumbing and pressure pipes in your pool, and variations of it are used in house cladding and similar applications where durability and the ability to withstand the harsh Australian environment is the priority. Thermotube began manufacturing panels in 1980 incorporating German Engineering for swimming pool heating. Thermo Pools factory is based in Sydney which transforms raw plastic into a Solar pool heating systems.

    A Thermotube solar pool heater has proven to be totally impervious to any chemicals used in water treatment.
  • Heat Pumps
    How it works
    A solar heat pump is like a reversed cycle air conditioning for your swimming pool. For those who are interested to use their pool throughout the year, a heat pump is a more appropriate heating unit which works on electricity to expand and condense refrigerant gas. This in turn is what provides the heat much like your air conditioning unit. A more consistent temperature is achieved with a heat pump.
  • Pool heating equipment
    Thermo Pools also offer:
    > Solar heat pumps
    > Gas pool heating
    > Electric pool heaters
    > Filter enclosures - Cover-Up.
    > Filtration equipment
    > Salt chlorinators
    > Automatic pool cleaners
    > Pool blankets

The Pool Heating Specialist in Sydney & Servicing Nearby Areas


Unlike loose strips, Thermotube panels are not glued to the roof. No dust or moisture is trapped and no harmful environment is created since the individual tubes are held together with our unique interlocking system.


Pool Heat pumps achieve more consistent temperatures in our ever changing weather patterns and are a cost effective alternative to gas heating. A solar heat pump does not require the Sun to shine


Thermo Pools promotes and installs the following products to ensure a superior solar heating system that will last. Thermotube Technology - an efficient solar heating system based on quality and value for money.

Our Benefits

  • Why should you choose Thermo Pools to heat your pool?

    Will never need maintenance or repairs to manifolds as they are fully welded joints made in factory conditions, not on your roof.

  • Why should you choose Thermo Pools to heat your pool?

    Thick walled PVC tubing ensuring a long life expectancy against the harsh Australian environment. (Like an insurance policy really).

  • Why should you choose Thermo Pools to heat your pool?

    Dense configuration of a tubing system which requires a smaller roof area to heat your pool efficiently. Also utilises the roof to absorb more heat than that of a conventional strip system.

Our Benefits


Thermotube pool heating system

Swimming Pool Heaters Let You Take a Swim Anytime of the Year

Enjoy Your Pool More Often With Swimming Pool Heating System In Sydney & Nearby Areas
A swimming pool is major investment, so it makes sense to enjoy all of its benefits and extend your swimming season as much as possible. This can be achieved through a range of pool heaters such as solar panels, gas pool heating or electric pool heating. Solar heating however is the most cost effective method of extending your swimming season.

Thermo Pools uses Thermotube technology and incorporates a unique design which does not require glue or drilling methods to fasten the collector panels to your valuable roof, yet withstands severe wind storms.

A Thermotube pool heating system is specifically designed against lifting or flapping of the panels in the wind with minimal fasteners required. This is unlike other pool heaters which require ongoing maintenance to prevent damage.

Don't be fooled by coloured pool heating systems. Black is the best heat absorber by up to 40% compared to a Terracotta coloured absorber.

Thermo Pools is the only solar heating system that comes with a full 15 years warranty against wind including parts and labour. A Thermo Pools solar pool heating system also gives warranty against Cockatoo damage.

We have our own qualified and experienced staff in Sydney at near your location to look after every aspect of your swimming pools and all other pool equipment.
  • We found Thermo Pools delivered all they promised and more. The solar heating system has been maintenance free since the day it was installed and Thermo Pools and their staff were outstanding with punctuality and professionalism. We are so happy with the results that we have highly recommended them to our friends who are also enjoying the benefits.

    Dr Tang, Smithfield

  • As a practitioner who specialises in water therapy, it was a necessity to have my large pool heated to get maximum use. Adding solar heating has added around 4 months extra usage and enabled our young grandchildren to improve their swimming without the fear of cold water. It also allows us to swim in the early mornings and late evenings. I did my research and chose Thermo Pools because of their quality product, value for money and their guarantee against wind damage. They transformed our summer lifestyle of outdoor living to the maximum.

    Rhonda Thompson, St Ives

  • It is 13 years since our automatic Thermotube solar pool heating system was installed and we are totally satisfied with our investment, the professional service and product function. The Thermotube system has given us valued extended swimming seasons in comfort on a trouble free operation basis. Also our pool blanket and roller system assists in reduciing the heat losses. I would recommend Thermo Pools and your workmanship.

    Ray Smith, Miranda

  • It is only just October and we are already enjoying the benefits of a lovely warm pool. We would like to thank you for the professional manner in which you dealt with our concerns.

    Julie & John Nicholls, Castle Hill


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