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Head Office 02 8850 4030 South 02 9545 5230 Hills & West 02 9659 8840
Gas Heaters

Gas Heaters for Sale in Sydney And Nearby Areas 

Thermo Pools supply a range of innovative pool gas heaters, which provide affordable gas pool heating that facilitates for a cost effective heating when required. That means you have the ability to heat your swimming pool whenever you want to use it and you can switch it off when you don’t want to use it.

  • HiNRG Heater
    HiNRG Heater Astral Pool’s HiNRG heater renders high performance and is highly dependable and comes in a compact package. HiNRG heaters are specifically designed for heating up of your spa or swimming pool quickly and functioni
  • Viron eVo Gas Heater
    Viron eVo Gas Heater Your spa or pool should be a warm relaxing retreat when you want it without considerable costs connected to it. The Viron Gas Heater uses innovative technology to heat your pool swiftly and properly to the exact
  • HX Heater
    HX Heater Earlier swimming pools were used only for having dips and relaxing in the summer and spas were considered as a luxury. For a few months of the year, pools were considered great fun and spas were considered very expensive to
  • JX Heater
    JX Heater The JX gas heater from Astral Pool is a refined fan-forced heater designed to be wall mounted for swimming pools and spas. It can be more compact and resourceful to have higher flow rates and run cooler, as a fan powers the
  • HR Commercial Heater
    HR Commercial Pool Heater The HR series commercial pool heaters take the latest in technology that is available for the commercial hot water supply and heats water application as well as commercial swimming pools. All boilers from As

Thermo Pools supplies a huge range of gas pool heaters in Sydney of reputed brand AstralPool, which is perfect for a small residential pool or spa to the biggest public swimming pool. Our range of pool gas heaters includes HiNRG Heater, Viron eVo Gas Heater, HX Gas Pool Heater, JX Gas Pool Heater, and HR Commercial Heater.

Similar to an air conditioner that operates in reverse, our array of pool heat pumps operate in the same manner, which pulls the latent heat that’s in the air and shifts it into the pool or spa water for really low cost and economical heating. The Swimming pool is certainly one of your biggest investments, and with the help of a suitable gas pool heater, you and your family can enjoy its benefits all year round.

  • We found Thermo Pools delivered all they promised and more. The solar heating system has been maintenance free since the day it was installed and Thermo Pools and their staff were outstanding with punctuality and professionalism. We are so happy with the results that we have highly recommended them to our friends who are also enjoying the benefits.

    Dr Tang, Smithfield

  • As a practitioner who specialises in water therapy, it was a necessity to have my large pool heated to get maximum use. Adding solar heating has added around 4 months extra usage and enabled our young grandchildren to improve their swimming without the fear of cold water. It also allows us to swim in the early mornings and late evenings. I did my research and chose Thermo Pools because of their quality product, value for money and their guarantee against wind damage. They transformed our summer lifestyle of outdoor living to the maximum.

    Rhonda Thompson, St Ives

  • It is 13 years since our automatic Thermotube solar pool heating system was installed and we are totally satisfied with our investment, the professional service and product function. The Thermotube system has given us valued extended swimming seasons in comfort on a trouble free operation basis. Also our pool blanket and roller system assists in reduciing the heat losses. I would recommend Thermo Pools and your workmanship.

    Ray Smith, Miranda

  • It is only just October and we are already enjoying the benefits of a lovely warm pool. We would like to thank you for the professional manner in which you dealt with our concerns.

    Julie & John Nicholls, Castle Hill