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A Factory Welded Joint Between The PVC Manifolds And PVC Absorber. Solar Absorber

Why is a Thermotube solar pool heating system superior?

Unlike loose strips, Thermotube panels are not glued to the roof. No dust or moisture is trapped and no harmful environment is created since the individual tubes are held together with our unique interlocking system.

Thermotube technology provides a factory welded joint between the PVC manifolds and PVC absorber. This is like welding except it is made with chemicals, heat and adhesives achieving a seamless panel which will become a solar pool heater.

Our unique solar pool heating panels have 80 tubes in every square metre which is approximately 33% more than most other systems, (based on a 60 tube/sqm system). These pool heating tubes have an 8mm external diameter which was recommended by the CSIRO as being the most efficient size for the Australian conditions. Thermotube collector panels are designed in such a way that allows the sun to heat the absorber from the surface and the underside via reflection. This all adds up to a greater efficiency rate of around 45% compared to other solar pool heater.

Competitors Systems

Competitors Systems

Thermotube System

Thermotube System

Obviously, not all systems are the same. There are differences in efficiency, reliability and the ability to integrate with the structure and surface it is installed on without damaging it.

How does a solar pool system work?

Solar Pool Heating Sydney

Install A Solar Pool Heating System Today And Take A Dip Anytime You Want.

  • Proven technology
  • Cost effective
  • Extend your swim season

What Kinds Of Systems Are There?

Thermotube have successfully installed over 10,000 systems to harness the power of the sun to heat Australian swimming pools with minimum maintenance and a growing client base based on a reputation of quality .

Before any large installation in your home, it pays to understand what is involved and how each part of the process works.

Solar Power Systems

There are three main types of solar heating systems, it is unwise to try and blend these systems, so for best performance, choose only one.

  • Polyvoltiac (PV) panels which produce electricity
  • Hot Water Service for the house using copper piping
  • Swimming pool heating with plastic tubes
Pool Heating Systems

There are two types of pool heating systems

  • Strips which are 15cm in width and run horizontally across the roof
  • Panels which are 100cm or larger in width and run vertically down the roof
  • The strip systems are held down with silicone and are susceptible to weather and being lifted by strong winds. The strip systems are seen to be old generation and these pool heating systems are being phased out.
Solar Panel Systems

There are two main types of Solar Panel Systems

  • Plastic tubing inside an aluminium box which sits on the roof.
  • Plastic tubing fitted directly onto the roof and manufactured to a specific diameter and design
  • The aluminium box system is very efficient and will require less roof space but is considerably more expensive and can cost double of alternative systems.
  • With sufficient roof space, plastic tubing directly on the roof are your best value for money option.

If you have any questions at all about the Thermotube or Thermo Pools systems, contact one of our professional, friendly experts today who will be happy to talk to you and work out which system is right for you!

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What are Thermotube panels made of?

Thermotube panels are made of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). This type of material is used for pool plumbing and pressure pipes in your pool, and variations of it are used in house cladding and similar applications where durability and the ability to withstand the harsh Australian environment is the priority. Thermotube began manufacturing panels in 1980 incorporating German Engineering for swimming pool heating. Thermo Pools factory is based in Sydney which transforms raw plastic into a Solar pool heating systems.

A Thermotube solar pool heater has proven to be totally impervious to any chemicals used in water treatment. The panel’s material was developed for the purpose of swimming pool heating employing the newest technologies available in UV stabilisation. The shortcomings of a conventional strip system have become apparent. They are no longer considered at this level of engineering.

We offer complete pool heating solution to meet all your pool heating requirements.

Why Thermo Pools Solar Heating?

  • Australian Made Pool Heating Systems
  • Full 15 Years Warranty
  • Warranty against Cockatoo damage
  • Complete pool equipment solution
  • Hassle free pool heating
  • Maintenance Free

We also supply a full range of pool equipment products for all your pool needs

Our design eliminates the need for crude methods like gluing loose strips to roofs. Consequently the roof is not permanently marked and the absorber tubes are not interfered with, so they can still expand and contact freely. The fastening is reversible, if servicing of the roof is needed. If you accept a cheap strip system you have to be prepared to make massive concessions. Just read the guarantee fine print.

A solar pool heating system harnesses the suns energy and channels it to keep your swimming pool water warm all year round. It’s a great way to save money on electricity bills and extend the usage of your pool, but how does it all work?

In simple terms water is pumped from your spa, Jacuzzi or swimming pool and is pushed through a multi tube collector. This is usually installed somewhere discreet such as your house roof. The multi tube collector warms the water quickly and efficiently and then pushes the warm water back into your pool or spa.

The multitubes or ‘thermotubes’ technology provides an efficient, discreet solar heating system on the roof of your home. There are many different types of solar heating roofing systems so look for one that gives you the most bang for your buck and surface coverage.

Even on cloudy days the solar panels can collect the suns energy and convert into power to heat your pool. The bigger the surface area the more solar energy can be harnessed to power your solar pool heater.

Solar pool heaters are extremely safe and hardwearing with some parts and systems lasting approximately 25 to 30 years! A good tip is to look for a solar pool heating specialist who manufactures and makes parts here in Australia. When it does come to repairs, servicing and availability of parts its far better to deal with Australian made rather than cheaper imports, which don’t have the durability or availability.

We also offer service, repair and maintenance of all types of solar pool heating systems in Sydney & nearby locations.


  • Innovative design and quality mean Thermotube panels lasts over 20 years. Field tested (history shows)??


  • Made from durable PVC as do all pipework within your home??
  • Joints are made with cement adhesive’s using PVC which reduces joint failures over time.
  • Competitors………….limited flexibility and unreapairable.


  • Manufactured in Sydney Australia.
  • Thermo Pools dedicated installers. No sub contractors.
  • 15 Years warranty which includes wind.
  • No contracts or ongoing service fees in hidden costs.


  • Contours to the roof for aesthetics and safety.
  • Taylor made panels ensures Thermotube can be installed when space is limited.


  • No glue or drilling holes through roof tiles required.
  • Some hook fasteners required.
  • We found Thermo Pools delivered all they promised and more. The solar heating system has been maintenance free since the day it was installed and Thermo Pools and their staff were outstanding with punctuality and professionalism. We are so happy with the results that we have highly recommended them to our friends who are also enjoying the benefits.

    Dr Tang, Smithfield

  • As a practitioner who specialises in water therapy, it was a necessity to have my large pool heated to get maximum use. Adding solar heating has added around 4 months extra usage and enabled our young grandchildren to improve their swimming without the fear of cold water. It also allows us to swim in the early mornings and late evenings. I did my research and chose Thermo Pools because of their quality product, value for money and their guarantee against wind damage. They transformed our summer lifestyle of outdoor living to the maximum.

    Rhonda Thompson, St Ives

  • It is 13 years since our automatic Thermotube solar pool heating system was installed and we are totally satisfied with our investment, the professional service and product function. The Thermotube system has given us valued extended swimming seasons in comfort on a trouble free operation basis. Also our pool blanket and roller system assists in reduciing the heat losses. I would recommend Thermo Pools and your workmanship.

    Ray Smith, Miranda

  • It is only just October and we are already enjoying the benefits of a lovely warm pool. We would like to thank you for the professional manner in which you dealt with our concerns.

    Julie & John Nicholls, Castle Hill