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Head Office 02 8850 4030 South 02 9545 5230 Hills & West 02 9659 8840

Thermo Pools is Australia’s choice for solar pool heating installations, but why are Aussies choosing us over any other competitor?

Well, for a start we have been in business for over 40 years and what we don’t know about solar power installations isn’t worth knowing. We also are the manufacturers of Thermotube which is based in Sydney and use our own install technicians, so our customers enjoy a seamless install and service from a hard working team of professionals.

winds due to their designThe Thermotube system is also unique in design. The first Thermotube system was invented decades ago and has continuously improved and innovated over time to offer the most efficient solar pool heating system around. There are companies who have tried to copy the Thermotube system, but they use cheaper, rigid, mass produced, standardised size poly products which aren’t flexible to fit perfectly to the roof and does not offer maximum efficiencies. The inferior, competitor’s rigid panels use more fastenings and the material can be dangerous and crack if walked upon. Some of the rigid poly materials have the tendency of lifting up under strong winds due to their design.

The Thermotube system offers custom sizing to the exact fitting of your roof and a clean, custom made look which works seamlessly with the aesthetics of your home. Whether you have a flat, pitched, metal, tiled, gabled or even a polycarbonate roof, the Thermotube system looks great, fits great and requires minimal install and maintenance. The Thermotube system is also unique because it does not require extra fittings over the panels and screws which have to be drilled into your valuable roof, causing failures and extra maintenance costs over time.

Wind is no match for our solar absorber panels. By using just a few key anchor points, carefully chosen by our installers without drilling holes, the panels stay firm, fixed and ready to face anything the Australian weather throws at them. We are so certain about the quality of our system that we have guaranteed it to be 100% wind and storm proof.

The material used for all our installs is made from stabilised PVC and the Thermotube system has been designed and built with CSIRO input. Stabilised PVC is the same material the pool industry has been using for over 50 years. The stabilised PVC can be glued and welded at any stage of its lifetime and lasts over 20 years out in the sun. Other plastics cannot be glued or re-welded, which adds to your repair, replacement and maintenance costs and should be a consideration when choosing a solar pool heating system. At Thermo Pools, we strive to offer long lasting, quality, Australian made products and we choose trusted, flexible, stabilised PVC in our manufacturing.

Thermo Pools – Australian owned, operated and manufactured.

  • We found Thermo Pools delivered all they promised and more. The solar heating system has been maintenance free since the day it was installed and Thermo Pools and their staff were outstanding with punctuality and professionalism. We are so happy with the results that we have highly recommended them to our friends who are also enjoying the benefits.

    Dr Tang, Smithfield

  • As a practitioner who specialises in water therapy, it was a necessity to have my large pool heated to get maximum use. Adding solar heating has added around 4 months extra usage and enabled our young grandchildren to improve their swimming without the fear of cold water. It also allows us to swim in the early mornings and late evenings. I did my research and chose Thermo Pools because of their quality product, value for money and their guarantee against wind damage. They transformed our summer lifestyle of outdoor living to the maximum.

    Rhonda Thompson, St Ives

  • It is 13 years since our automatic Thermotube solar pool heating system was installed and we are totally satisfied with our investment, the professional service and product function. The Thermotube system has given us valued extended swimming seasons in comfort on a trouble free operation basis. Also our pool blanket and roller system assists in reduciing the heat losses. I would recommend Thermo Pools and your workmanship.

    Ray Smith, Miranda

  • It is only just October and we are already enjoying the benefits of a lovely warm pool. We would like to thank you for the professional manner in which you dealt with our concerns.

    Julie & John Nicholls, Castle Hill